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Despite tremendous efforts to stabilize the Rhino population using traditional nature conservation measures, the number of animals is still drastically decreasing each year.

We therefore believe that the Rhino can only be saved from extinction by following a radically different approach alongside traditional methods.

The RhineHorn Initiative aims to investigate the opportunity to make Rhino horn components (proteins) using modern biotechnology techniques.

We have formulated a hypothesis that might bring together Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medical practice, opening possibilities to produce a highly valued ingredient without the need to kill this rare animal.

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When we are able to successfully perform our research leading to the elucidation of the exact rhino horm composition, we will subsequently investigate the commercial potential of these findings, which should lead to the production of nature identical products in a legal and sustainable fashion.

Rhinehorn is currently in contact with a number of renowned institutions to obtain rhino horn samples to carry out the initial phase of our project. 

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Friso van Assema

Researcher, inventor and project leader in food and pharma ingredients markets.

Ivo Piest

Entrepreneur and experienced business & corporate development executive

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The RhineHorn Initiative now also on Facebook!

The RhineHorn Initiative is now also on Facebook! If you like us, Like us!


Starting a biotech initiative

How to start a biotech initiative? By ordering the right stuff for storing the horn!


De Neushoornstichting supports the Initiative

The Neushoornstichting (Dutch Rhino foundation) is supporting The RhineHorn Initiative.

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RHINEHORN is open for collaboration. Our only priority is to save the Rhino from extinction, and with this, all assistance is welcome. If you are attracted by our plan and of the opportunity that you can help us to accelerate, please feel free to contact us at:


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de Neushoornstichting

The Neushoornstichting (Dutch Rhino Foundation) supports small-scale projects that are committed to the protection of rhinos in both Asia and Africa. We offer good and sustainable alternatives to people that gain their income by threatening, directly or indirectly, the rhino or its habitat. In this way,....

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